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Blair Parker || FC: Meghan James || College Sophomore || 19 

Bio: Blair Parker is known all over the college and the highschool. People seem to be afraid of her, but she has no idea why. Blair is known for always fighting. Fight in school , fight at church , fight outside wherever there’s a fight, your first bet is that she’s in it. Blair was raised by her mother & was known to never be a punk. Blair’s mother died of cancer last month, causing Parker to take anger out whenever she can, and when she does it’s not pretty. Living with her father, she knows how to respect people, but takes disrespect from no one. One of Blair’s fears is her father dying and will do anything to protect her family and friends, whether it’s her fight or not. Blair isn’t the type to cause drama, but she’ll finish it. Not only physically, Blair can hurt people emotionally also.

» Smart, Wise,

Sercet: “I know my mom wouldn’t like what I’m doing.”

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